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The universe, immense space, almost unlimited man was desperately trying to win ... But the human race was far from suspecting that while their best scientists looking for a way to win in Mars, other civilizations inhabited the other systems of their galaxy.

You'd also be surprised to learn that the lost civilizations like the Mayans or the Egyptians, are now billions of light years of it. Stop believing what they tell you in history books, the dimensional gates exist, or at least existed ... just like those that are legendary creatures called dragons. No dear friend, this species is not only the fruit of the imagination of writers of fantasy stories, they still exist ... I know ... I meet them everyday.

But who am I to tell you all this? A messenger from the future? Maybe even a madman escaped from the asylum? No, all this is real and is happening at the same time as we speak. Want to know who I am? Let me answer you by solving one of the great mysteries of your planet. You thought the dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the Earth following a natural disaster? Think again ... they were simply victims of a teleport to another planet. How do I know and what is the relationship with my identity? It's very simple, I am a representative of the species ... or at least its evolution.

Yes, I'm a hybrid species of reptile, half man, half-dinosaur, which explains the fact that I can speak your language. How can such a breed exists? Listen I'm not a scientist, but all I know is that over time has allowed an evolution of animal species, a sort of fusion with the human species, I can not explain. Of course there are other civilizations not of terrestrial origin in the galaxy, sometimes neutral, sometimes hostile.

Well and if we stop talking about scientific things? All this philosophy on the evolution of the species gives me a headache ... in short, I think I know you want to discover more about the new world, I think my story will interest you. I introduce myself, my name Yetshi McTaylis and I'll tell you how I became a bounty hunter best known of the galaxy.
Here is my new fiction Statyk, a science-fiction story of the adventures of my original character.

Translation by BigDinosaur and McTaylis
Amis français, retrouvez la version originale ici :…
SilverYoshi Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
Great beginning! I sense plenty of potential in this. :)
McTaylis Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :) Time to write the first chapter ^^
SilverYoshi Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
Looking forward to it!
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